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وب مذهبی

[) [) [) Pilgrimage

السلام علیک یا ابا صالح المهدی ادرکنی

السلام علی المهدی الذی وعد الله عز و جل به الامم

السلام علیک یا ابا عبد الله الحسین

السلام علیک یا ابا الفضل العباس

Pilgrimage of Imam Reza a.s. of the pilgrimage of Imam Hussain a.s is higher, because many Muslims to pilgrimage Imam Hussain (a.s) Foundation. But only Shiites m. esna-Ashari to pilgrimage Imam Reza (PBUH).

Many of Reza (PBUH) heard and wanted to question and answer, in Najaf, in Karbala, Mashhad, so do her mother 's-to-someone took Cole to the shrine. Strange things to see.

You notice! To be believed! Healing-Masha'llah! To achieve consistently. One of the Iraqi moaodin glandular and should about the surgery. It was dangerous, I asked him to give a healing of Imam Reza, night Hazrat Masoumeh alihaalslam in a dream vision that he said:

«Good gland. No need to "see the relationship of brother and sister brother sister asked his answer.

All ziartnamh are confirmed. Pilgrimage of the community died. Pilgrimage of Amin Allah is important. The heart of you-read this زیارات. With their heart language. His presence is not necessary for taking the Imam a.s. bashmrid. The Prophet (PBUH) know! Do not exaggerate in Dua! Pilgrimage of the heart. Imam Reza a.s. to someone he said,

"Some cried, I am upset!»

One of the elders says, I have two things I hope firstly Quran Olof Palme prize with my boredom. Unlike some that Quran so it can read as if the Shahnameh. The Holy Qur'an is a creature similar organization chart.

Second, in the House of mourning of sidalshhada crying.

Ayatollah al-Ozma shut rahmah Allah with eye pain, he said,

"On the day of Ashura mourning Imam Hussein گِلِ of the forehead (PBUH) on the other, his eyes malidm my life with eye pain, I did not use either of the glasses!

After the accident the bombing at the shrine of Hazrat Imam Reza PBUH came someone to sleep, questions.

"Where were you at that time? He said the port.»

This sentence has two meaning:

The first means that Imam Reza PBUH the day to Karbala were gone.

The second means that this incident in Karbala also is repeated. The enemies to the courtyard of the Imam Hussein mausoleum and took down and it fit the fire lit!

Someone enters the shrine of Imam Reza a.s. was found in front of the busy reading her luminous Sidi ziartnamh, was near him and realized that he names of imams-Hi, Hi-a dead one is mentioned as follows. Once happy to name the Imam-jl's elite came after alsharif-silence! It is one found that it said its Honorable molaeman Imam-Hello, against and aeroahna Les alfda-.

The last word: we practice what you know. We do not know what a good precaution. With cane safety precaution move.

In this shrine of Reza (PBUH) what kramati. Someone in the dream to see that shrine of Reza (PBUH) overlooking and realized that the dome of the shrine of the Prophet Jesus and his mother was Mary aliahmaalslam from there enter the shrine. Takhti and two on it-ing and the pilgrimage of Imam Reza a.s..

The next day, it's one in awakening to the shrine was overlooking. All of a sudden realized the shrine completely retreats! The Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mary aliahmaalslam of were to enter the dome of the shrine of Imam Reza Takhti and ING and a.s. 's pilgrimage. Ziarat-e. This pilgrimage was normal mail! After reading the ziartnamh from the top of the dome returned. Normal mode again and would have heartily approved and started fireproof now do of Reza (PBUH) death?

The last word: we practice what you know. We do not know what a good precaution. With cane safety precaution move.

Source: book by book and page, popular from the Sun. Ayatollah behjat

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